• Europe's trade and agriculture policies play a key role in the success of our business

Added-value for Europe

Cane refiners are key to fostering competition in an otherwise highly concentrated sugar sector where just seven companies control approximately 80% of the production of sweeteners in Europe.

Cane refiners provide choice for consumers and contribute to food security in Europe by using an alternative raw material and manufacturing chain to produce a staple food product.

Cane refineries employ 4,500 workers, mostly in high-skilled jobs (chemists, engineers, plant operatives) and create several more thousand jobs indirectly.

Cane refiners are vital contributors to local industry in some of the most deprived areas of the EU. They serve 2,400 active customers ranging from food & drink processors and retail chains to pharmaceuticals.

Cane refining is the only European sweetener production model that provides a link to the world sugar market thereby ensuring security and competition in Europe.

Cane refiners help Europe deliver on its development policy commitments by providing a stable and long-term customer base for raw sugarcane exports from developing countries.