• Cane refiners assist in delivering Europe's development goals as they use different raw material for sugar

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ESRA study outlines the challenges faced by EU cane sugar refiners

The European Sugar Refineries Association has recently produced a study which aims to shed some light on the challenges faced by EU cane sugar refiners.

As many will be aware, the recent abolition of EU sugar quotas has seen one part of the sugar industry usher in long-awaited liberalization, and the opportunity to adjust to a new, market-driven reality.

The EU cane refining industry has been left out of this – eventually only partial – liberalization; instead, cane refiners face almost certain extinction in Europe unless urgent action is taken. This ESRA-produced study outlines why the current framework of EU sugar imports is proving incapable of meeting the demand of our industry.

Furthermore, it presents the outlook for the future EU and world sugar market, combining this with studies by the European Commission and others to show that the EU sugar market is well prepared for liberalization, and that allowing cane sugar imports in the EU does nothing to undermine that preparedness. If anything, it will help the EU to move towards a truly global, truly dynamic, and truly competitive sugar sector.

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