• Cane refiners assist in delivering Europe's development goals as they use different raw material for sugar

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EU - Sugar refiners lobby for lower tariffs

Kingsman Sugar News Summary, 27 November 2012 - Cane sugar refiners in the European Union are under threat unless punitive import tariffs on raw sugar are relaxed, a European Sugar Refiners Association spokeswoman told Dow Jones reports. The executive director of ESRA said cane refiners face major challenges to manage their business, not because they aren't competitive or cost efficient, but because they don't have access to raw materials at competitive prices

Cane refiners' costs are forced up by additional duties to access raw materials at auction, she added. "The EU price is going up, while the world price is going down...The situation is clearly not sustainable and the only way to solve it is to ensure fair competition for all sugar users in the EU," she said.

The European Union's sugar regime should be extended beyond its expiry in 2015 and until 2020 to optimize efficiency and infrastructure, a Dutch beet-sugar producer told Dow Jones. The producer said that consistency in policy making is key to ensure companies can plan future investment, adding that the current system works perfectly well.