• Cane refiners assist in delivering Europe's development goals as they use different raw material for sugar

ESRA positions

ESRA-CIUS Joint Call for Competitive and Fair Sugar Access in FTAs


INFOGRAPHIC: The EU-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Aligning Sustainability and Food Security [more]

ESRA - Sustainable Study Factsheet

ESRA - Sustainable Study Factsheet download link available [more]

ESRA - Sustainable Study

ESRA - Sustainable Study download link available [more]

Blog: The EU’s Trade Policy Review: steering change in the right direction

A historic crisis is confronting the international trade system at a time when its stability is needed most. As the world grapples with economic hardships generated by the pandemic, international institutions face legitimacy...[more]

Blog: To overcome the crisis, trade is Europe’s best ally

The world is facing an unparalleled challenge as a health crisis increasingly develops into a historical and unforeseen economic fallout. Trade is expected to be disproportionally affected by the economic slowdown. The WTO...[more]

A chance for sugar in the EU-Australia FTA: don’t let trade turn sour

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has committed to “a strong, open and fair trade agenda” as a means of strengthening Europe’s role as a global leader and standard setter. Negotiators got together for the 6th negotiating...[more]

ESRA presents study on raw materials

On 30 January, the European Sugar Refineries Association (ESRA) presented a study on access to raw materials in the EU cane refining sector. A roundtable event in the European Parliament - hosted by MEP Sofia Ribeiro - focused on...[more]

Blog: A fair deal for sugar in the EU-Australia FTA

Negotiations with Australia are a crucial opportunity to rebalance the EU sugar sector[more]

Blog: The EU, Mexico, and Sugar - the exception that proves the rule?

In April 2018, following two years of negotiation, the EU and Mexico reached a political agreement on an update of the 2000 EU-Mexico Global Agreement. Among the most notable innovations was the inclusion of market access for...[more]

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